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Can I make an electric car of my own? Answered

Iam an 11th studying student and I want to make my own electric car which can give the speed of normal cars with gears,lights,etc. So can I make one ? If yes, then how and where can i create ? Where can I get the materials needed ?



5 years ago

+1 although it is possible to build electric cars if your expectations are not so high.

Something like a commuter velomobile but electric assisted is quite possible and should be able to do 60 - 100 miles at 30MPH.

See my efforts here


And many velomobile designs here

Light weight - 250  to 500 watt continuous rated motor - 2 x 12 volt car battery

Other than this you will be spending a LOT of money.

One last place to research This is the organisation I built the racing car for.


5 years ago

Technically yes you could but realistically no.
How much money do you have It's going to probably cost in the $100k region for batteries alone. Then their is battery and charge management, motors, drive train, suspension, frame, chassis, skin, electronics, safety features, control, interior, brake systems, licensing, inspections, and more. A car is not just something you build out in the garage if you are in the 11th grade.
Beyond the material considerations, if you have to ask how to build it and what you need to build one then you do not have the skills necessary to build one at this time.
If this is something you are interested in as a career then now is the time to start heading down that path. Get into some auto shop classes, beef up on math and physics, chemistry too if you are interested in the batteries. Try to get a job at an auto shop. This early in your life any sort of experience in the field can help. Getting experience as a mechanic will help you as an engineer.
If you are flush with cash then buy a project car like a Catarham (Not the best car for a 16 year old, actually a terrible car for a 16 year old, but it will teach you how a car goes together and how everything works together) or any other car you have to put together yourself. Eventually you might even be able to convert that car to electric before trying to make your own.