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Can I make my win7 icons transparent?? Answered

I have Windows 7, and I have a very dark wallpaper that is full of details. Is there any way I can make the shortcuts on the desktop transparent, or maybe get a program to hide them?


Easiest solution is to move them from the desktop to the launch bar  and menus. They don't _have_ to be on the desktop, you know.

Though my personal reaction is that if your desktop image is too busy to see your icons, it's the wrong desktop image.

I've been using the FREE Stardock program called Fences for several months on Win7.  It lets you categorise your icons into named groups on the desktop and then double-clicking anywhere on the desktop hides them all so you only have the taskbar visible.    Another double-click and they all reappear.  Try it - It's great!
I have a selection of my favourite Vladstudio images displayed using the desktop slideshow feature of Win7.


7 years ago

This should do it:
Right click on a empty space in desktop
In "Display Properties box"
Click "Desktop Tab"
Click "Customize Desktop Button"
Click "Web Tab"
De-select "Transparent" in box
De-select "Lock Desktop Items"
Click "Apply" and then "OK"