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Can I make sulphuric acid in the following way? Answered

I have read most instructables but I was not able to find sodium bisulphate, sodium metabisulphate etc. I check the web and find that Iron(ii)Sulphate -->(Heat) Iron(iii) oxide + sulphur dioxide + sulphur trioxide Can I dissolbe the sulphur dioxide and trioxide into water and form sulphuric acid? I have make a diagram, have a look!


When SO2 is dissolved in water it definately makes H2SO4, this woud work but is highly inefficient. I suggest just purchasing H2SO4 from a hardware store

Usually H2SO4, firms tend to try not to confuse the consumer involving dangerous chemicals. Reviewing my chemistry I think I made a mistake; SO2(g) + H2O(l) --> H2SO3(aq) Sulfur dioxide once dissolved forms sulforous acid which turns out to be a weak acid... H2SO3(aq) + H2O(l) (back + forward) HSO3- + H3O+ Darn it, I thought I had it figured

Correct. You need to use an oxidizer in order for the SO2 to be oxidized to SO3, and subsequently dissolve. Nitric acid, Hydrogen peroxide, etc, will work.

You could bubble the so2 through h202 and it would work. Where do you buy sulfuric acid and what is it sold as?

I was under the impression that Drain-O was sulfuric acid

Send a PM to NurdRage.
They are a chemistry group who should be able to help you out.