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Can I make this handheld toy projector brighter? Answered

I bought this handheld viewmaster projector at a garage sale yesterday. The problem is the bulb isn't bright enough, it takes two D batteries. Anything I could change to make it brighter?



Best Answer 6 years ago

If you want quick and easy, go to a hardware or sporting goods store and get a good quality replacement incandescent flashlight bulb. (The bulbs that come with the ViewMaster toys are only slightly better than trash.)
For a superior fix, if you have the skills and tools, take frollard's advice.

would that be much brighter than what I already have?

swap the light bulb for a higher power led -- should be able to increase light output and efficiency by several fold.

I'll leave the 'how to wire an led' to you -- since it is on the site four bajillion times.

Will the two D batteries be enough power for the LED?

More than enough. One would do the job easily, and make sure you put a resistor in the circuit to protect the LED.

You might need to source a boost converter if using with a high-power (> 1 watt) led...but d batteries are easily capable of the current requirements of most leds.

I guess I can go to a lighting supply for the LED's?

Lots of places, including ebay, Radioshack, or phenoptix.com