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Can I make this using nokia 3155 LCD components? Answered

I have a broken nokia 3155 phone but the LCD's is still functioning well. I had the idea to use it as a front panel display on the PC's case to display the disk capacity, the date and time, temperature, etc.
Do you think is it possible? I do not understand at all about electronics so if you think it's possible, please teach me how.

*sorry for my english

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To answer the original question, yes you probably can do what you want with that screen but as has already been pointed out it will not be simple at all. Try searching for other projects that use LCD's in a similar manner. I didn't read through it but this might be a good starting point:
Check the "Related" bar on the right side, it can really help you find what you want.

I've been looking about the projects which is roughly similar at the Instructables but I am still confused because of differences in LCD type and driver. I've searched the internet to find the type and LCD drivers but I still have not found the right answer. last night I found this site: www.lcdhype.de.vu, they create a project just like the idea that I mentioned here but it seems they did not write the tutorials.
thank you for your response :)

*sorry for my english

Have you tried contacting the people at that site?

Wow, seriously? You need to learn a LOT before you will be able to pull off a project like this. I cant just "teach" you how to do something as complex as this in a message. I suggest you shelf this idea for a dew months, while you learn electronics, and microcontroller programming.

yeah, I think this is not easy to be realized, much have a lot to learn, especially for people who don't understand this at all like me.
if I may ask, do you have any other ideas for this LCD?
thank you for your response :)