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Can I mix two sources of dc power together? Answered

  Hi, I need to create 96 volts and low variable amps...  I don't know of any simple ways of doing this unless I spend lots of money..  So can I add some different dc power supplies to get to 96 volts dc?  or is there another inexpensive way to make it happen?   The purpose is for a large hydrogen generator, high volts, and low amps..  Thanks for your help...



Best Answer 8 years ago

Only try this if you understand how to use 120 a/c safely.  Even using transformers won't save you if you touch the electrodes.  It can and will still kill you if you're not careful.  You can't leave it running without supervision in case some one finds it and gets curious.  You'll be responsible for what happens.

Take two 12 volt step down transformers (any voltage transformers will do as long as they have enough capacity).  Put a plug, switch and fuse on one of the primaries.  Tie the secondaries to each other.

Now if you plug that into 120 volts a/c and measure the other end you should have about 115-120 volts at the other end.

If you put a diode and a large wattage resistor at the opposite end from the plug end, you will have high voltage unfiltered d/c.  You'll have to calculate the resistor after you find out what you voltage is.  If you put a 40 watt light bulb in the circuit after the diode you will make it short proof.  If you should short the electrodes then the light bulb would just light up brighter.

I can draw you a diagram later if you need a better explanation.

Remember I said be careful.

Or just hook 8 charged car batteries in series with some sort of short protection and you've got what you need.

Hey thanks for your help...
 I do need some help understanding what your saying... the drawing would be helpful.. I can build it in a box to keep everyone safe...  I need higher voltage around 100 or 96 or ?? an low amps.. of dc.  also  a sight where to buy the parts...
Thanks again.

Here's a diagram of what I was talking about.  Even though you are using transformers they are not taking away the danger.  If you are anyone else gets across the electrodes it will still be lethal so please be careful.

THe bulb is there for short protection.  If the electrodes accidently short, then the lamp will just light brighter and no damage or danger of smoke.

Good luck.

THe transfomers can be anything you can find.  Rdio shack has a 120/24 volt transformer rated at 3 amps and two of them would probably work find.  It's a center tap transformer but just tape up the center tap and ignore it.  The switches and fuse can be gotten at Radio Shack.  THe lamp and base at the hardware store.  Just use a regular incandescent light.

basically the output of one transformer into the output of the other transformer

Why do you need 96V? It seems an odd value, and I'd guess there's another way to power whatever it is.



8 years ago

Hook 'em up in series.