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Can I modify a microwave oven capacitor (MOC) for a higher working voltage? Answered

If I was to open a MOC and poor oil into it would it be able to withstand a higher voltage?
If so how high do you think?
And how would the capacitance be affected? 



Sure you can! Just as long as you know how to make a HV cap with the right plates, the right dielectric, the right filler insulation, and so on. You will also need lots of expensive lab equipment and probably a bunch of trial and error, but all that comes with the territory. From a technical and physical standpoint, it could be done, but with the money you spend on making one cap better, you could probably buy several pallets of brand new and far better quality caps. If I were you, I'd just go buy caps rated for whatever it is that you're looking for, its vastly cheaper that way.

No, the voltage limit is determined by the thickness/material of the dielectric, not how hot it gets. And the capacitance would not be affected...

You could use two of them but that changes the cap. depending on how they are wired up.