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Can I modify my hi-fi so that the cassette deck becomes a USB port? Answered

I want to add a USB port to my stereo system (Home Hi-Fi). I want to keep the CD drawer, so getting rid of that is a definate no-no. It also has two cassette decks, which i'd be more than happy to modify. I know the tech exists, but can't find any schematics for it (probably for a good reason, but still). Any help would be much appreciated Allyn ~ FreakWorx


. You will need an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a USB adapter. At the very least. Probably be easier (and cheaper) to add an audio input card to your computer.

This is very helpful, but my issue is that my PC is in the office, and my Stereo in my bedroom. I have a 5.1 surround system running on my PC already, but my love for music seems to be driving me over the edge when it comes to getting the best options out of little money.

This is, however, probably the most helpful to date (no offence to other helpers, you are still much appreciated =]). I'll be getting a laptop soon, so I think i'll just have to jack that upto my stereo.

Allyn ~ FreakWorx

If NachoMahma has guess correctly that you want audio-out from the stereo system, he's correct to suggest using audio connectors. You should be able to easily connect audio-out (at the back or the headphone socket) to line-in on your PC.
If this isn't what you want to do you need to explain in a bit more detail


I'm looking for an audio in for the stereo. I looked at using the aux-in, but I can't find anything that will I can use other than just getting an ordinary old MP3 player, and a 1 into 2 cable (can't remember the name), and just using that. Thanks for looking though :)

you need much complex stuff to add usb ort t it lik dvd players yu can easily add header that plugs to your mp3 headphones socket