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Can I need to learn the way of producing a plexi glass for my caravan.? Answered

I need to learn the way of producing of plexi glass. I need plexi glasses for my caravan. One of my friend told me that he saw a page that explains the producting way. But i couldnt fint the page.. Is there anyone who remembers the page link over there? Thank you.?


look up plastic shops in your area and they can normally do anything you need i get all sorts of weird shapes and sises made for stuff in the physics labs at work from a place called fort Collins plastic 

I think you have a translation error : ) I'm reasonably sure that there are instructables on cutting, bending, shaping, polishing and fitting plexiglass, but not on the pouring or manufacturing of the chemical itself. Even if there was, the cost of the mold, chemicals, press and mixing equipment would be far more than a replacement window. Even the factory that produced your window would have bought sheets of plexiglass rather than try to make it. Your window would have been made by heating a sheet of plexiglass and then pressing it into a mold or over a frame, then cooled. In a double window, two sheets are separated with an air gap as insulation and sealed to prevent moisture from condensing in between the sheets.

Alex has teh right idea on this one, making your own Plexiglas would be a bit laborious considering you can buy the Plexi and shape it as you wish. If you are looking for double glazed Plexiglas you can easily manufacture a gap in the assembly and installation, really no one will notice, your caravan isn't exactly a Ferrari. The cheapest and easiest option is to buy 2 sheets of plexi, buy a saw, buy a rotary tool, remove your old window, use it as a template over the new Plexi, trace, cut, round corners, install. Good luck!

just go buy some plexi glass it isn't THAT expensive it would cost more to make your own...

This is impossible. This window is finished in the factory. Thank you for your big idea.

why can't you just buy a piece of plexi glass and cut it down to size?

Thank you for your interest. These glasses are double for cold winter. And the outside plexi window have a radius shape. Thank you. Is there anyone who can sign me the page link?

i looked up "make your own plexiglass" no results...