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Can I power a LED array with LiPo? Answered

I want to power an led array of 10W LEDs connected in parallel with a LiPo. They are rated 12V and 1050A. So thought of connecting them to 5200mAh LiPo battery so that they all will get 12V and each will get less than 1050A. Can I do like this? Please suggest a cheap method to do this.


Edit1: Thanks for all the answers.
1) The link for LED: http://www.ebay.in/itm/5-PCS-ACTUAL-10W-WHITE-LIGHT-LED-SMD-BEAD-CHIPS-BULB-LIGHT-LAMP-DC-9-12V-/281779856264?_trksid=p2054897.l4275

2)The battery is actually 11.2V not 12V, my bad.

3) I know I have to use individual drivers for all of them but I'm just trying out to find out a cheap alternative.

4) I want to make an array of 10 10W LEDs so thought maybe they will divide the current by themselves.



2 years ago

I = W / V = 10W / 12V = 0.833A = 833ma not 1050A.

Please show the LED URL so we can make sense of your question.


You can slightly overdrive them so that is used as an excuse to give misleading information. (Technically this is a 9Watt led; there are 9-1W leds inside)

1050ma is the upper limit of what they can handle but 850ma is a more reasonable Current to drive them at.

No. You can't put LEDs in parallel with the source, they need a constant current driver.

Yeah sorry bud; it doesn't work that way...

the 5200-mah rating of the Li-po refers to the Capacity of the Battery, not what current it will deliver.

Like Steve said, you need a constant current driver (or at minimum a Beefy resistor) to drive the Led's.

Btw, I'm Curious were you found a 12V Li-po, Can you provide a link to both it and the Led's you are using? we need much more Info before you can get a good Answer :)

The resistor method is what I had in mind and it saves a lot of money. Can you please elaborate on that part?


http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz is a good calculator for led resistors.

a 2ohm 2watt resistor should work,

** but again, for Led's of this wattage it's still not a great Idea ! **

here's a link for some Cheap Regulators, a LM317 in Constant Current mode will safely Drive the Leds for a long time without burning them out.

http://www.reuk.co.uk/LM317-Current-Calculator.htm Has the Schematic and a Calculator to find the Resistor

People buy big LED's dirt cheap off Ebay and never do their homework on how to use them :(
A good 10W LED with a good driver can set you back 30$ and more - there is a reason for these prices ;)