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Can I power a Nintendo Wii with a 12 volt lead acid battery? Answered

I've decided to make a (somewhat) portable Wii, and I'm hoping to use a 12 volt 7AH battery to power it. The batteries will be attached directly to the power input on the console (with a filter cap). Here's what's been bugging me, though.
The Wii's normal AC adapter puts out ~12.2 VDC, A sealed lead acid battery, however, puts out 12.6 when fully charged. Will that 0.4 volts do anything, or am I just being a nut? If it does, can I shave off that 0.4 volts with anything?



Best Answer 5 years ago

If you worry about +0.4 volts what about when the voltage drops to 11.8
that is -0.4 volts....

Well don't sweat it too much, I'm sure the unit has DC Regulators
to take the voltage variation into account and if you drop 3 volts nothing
will be damaged :-)


Oops, forgot to mark yours as the best answer. I hooked everything up and it functioned perfectly. Thanks!

I'm a little late, but no, it shouldn't be damaged. I am wondering, however, will you be adding a screen to the wii, thus making it something of a handheld? I'm considering trying it myself, but I have no clue how it would be to try to play it.

I used an old DVD player with an AV input. The final result was VERY bulky, but it worked fine for me and required no modifications to the Wii.. If you want a true handheld, you'll need to put in a bit more effort than that. Most people use Li-Poly batteries with regulators, and disassemble the Wii down to the bare bones. The screens are also a trouble if you want it to be small/lightweight. Try the benhack forums if you need more info; they helped me out a lot.