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Can I refill a disposable lighter with something besides lighter fluid? Answered

I found an old empty lighter. Can I refill it with something besides lighter fluid? Like axe or something?


butane only, it provides the pressure needed, lighter fluid is for wicked lighters, no pressure needed.

Are you talking about a butane lighter or a wick lighter like a zippo. For a Zippo style lighter, no, lighter fluid is cheep enough to use. Axe will just make a mess. The bic disposable lighters are not refillable.

Well, you could fill it with water and use it as a very small water container. just don't smoke and drink at the same time.

I would bet "no". Disposable objects are all about cheap manufacture. They have to be filled once -- but I bet that's done in the cheapest way possible, and requires equipment you don't have. Among other things, to get liquid in you have to vent the air-pressure gas already in there back out... and then seal that opening. Cologne wouldn't work in any case. The lighter only works because the fluid has a high enough evaporation temperature to provide its own pressurization. Fill it with anything else, and you probably won't be able to get it back out. One more thought: Be careful playing with these. There may be enough fuel left in them even when "empty" to hurt you if it gets sparked. I've heard a few horror stories; I can't prove any of them but at least one came through reputable channels. (I've thought about sending that one to Mythbusters since it'd be interesting to see whether it's really possible.)

You'd have difficulty, these things are cheap enough, buy a full one. L