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Can I replace electrolytic caps with tantalum? Answered

I'm thinking of replacing some electrolytic caps with smaller ones to save space. Foresee any problems? I was thinking tantalum just because they looked like they might be smaller. This is for a AAA 1.2-1.5V circuit.


Uh, first link dead. Second link on the comparative surface mount areas for tantalum caps?

. If I read page 5 of the second link correctly, then you can make the swap. I read it to say the electrical properties are almost the same.

I am in agreement, that they are pretty close, the Titanium caps should be "better made" with slighty tighter tolerences, but should be at least as robust as the others. But since you will not be exceeding any voltage restrictions (more then likely), they should work.

You can interchange Electrolytic Capacitors with Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors, but not standard Tanalum Capacitors. In very low power situations, you may get away with it though.


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I'm prertty sure you could, but not the other way around. Tantalum are hardier, but more expensive. I think you can do it.

Your very unlikely to have any problems substituting with tantalum capacitors. Tantalums are generally considered a superior choice compared to standard electrolytics. Cheers, Pat. Pending