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Can I reuse a good hub assembly bearing on a 2000 GMC Jimmy sls ? Answered


He means, do you want to put it back on the car or are you trying to re-purpose it for some other use.

Yes I need to reuse it, its only a few months old, my wheel studs are bent on all four wheels, I was going to take the assembly off to knock the studs out, I figured it would be easier

As long as it's not damaged ofcourse you can still use it.

If its good, and its off the vehicle you want to use it on, what's the problem ?


6 years ago

I was told by a mechanic if I was to remove the hub assembly and remount it, the bearing would spin and I'd probably lose a wheel going down the road. Would this happen?

Nah, get a bearing locking adhesive (Loctite) from a bearing store.

Take care knocking the bearing out nicely parallel and you should be OK.

There is usually a secondary method to stop the wheel coming off anyway.


Ok the bearing and hub are one piece, its got the studs on it, the bearing and hub ( one piece. ) bolt to the spindle with 3 bolts. I just want to know if I remove this hub assembly can I put it back on without spinning the bearing

I can't comment further, because of the safety implications, and the fact I can't see the bits ;-)