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Can I run Crisis on Ultra-High with this computer? Answered

The question is in the title, the computer I will be running has the following specifications;
Memory; 4GB Kingston DDR3 C9 1333M
Video Card; Saphhire HD 5750 700M 1GB
CPU; Intel core i5 750 3.66Ghz SKT 1156 (quad core)
All the other specs are sufficient, thanks in advance to anybody who can help me


I have allready seen these specs, if you could find it I would like the recommended hardhare for running it on ultra-high.

I would say yes, depending on how high you want to push the resolution/AA level.  If you're going for 1080p and 16x AA, then it might struggle a bit.  There's really no way to know for sure, except to test it or ask someone with the same hardware.  The i5 is definitely capable of handling Crysis, and you've got enough RAM,  the deciding factor is the video card.  It exceeds the requirements by a large margin, just use common sense when choosing settings on Crysis.  Anti-Aliasing is horribly resource intensive, it's often better to up the resolution than to increase AA.  Make sure to update Crysis as well, it adds a bunch of performance tweaks.  Have fun, I wish my rig had the balls to run Crysis maxed out...

Try it and find out.
Or are you wondering whether to buy it or not?