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Can I send Parallel Port outputs/Record Parallel Port inputs with Batch files? Answered

Is there any way that I can do this? If possible, can you please specify how I would accomplish this, and any other things you may know about Parallel Ports, Batch Files, Maximum Input Voltages On A Parallel Port, and the functions of the leads on the Parallel Port socket. If this isn't possible, I would be grateful if you were to point me in the right direction(Ex: other languages and programs that support output/input, info about coding, etc.). Thank You in advance!

 I was planning on developing a simple blinking Led or Tone generator, and the only feasible way of doing this may be a Batch file (feasible because Batch files are the only things I can create on my own without trouble. :( ). I am also going to attempt to record the codes on a remote using an IR sensor so I can develop "An ultimate computer-based remote control".


There are "raw" port access drivers you can install that allow you to access the ports, like you used to do, but you'll have to write real code to do it.


I don't think you can with more recent Windows operating systems  (XP, etc.), due to security issues with direct hardware access, discovered and manipulated by the socially impaired in a flurry of viruses and similar malware apps during the late 90s and blocked by revamping of the O/S to disallow direct hardware manipulation.. You can still use RS232 or USB commands to an offboard register to approximate the behavior.

Microctonroller interaction is another method, as is a lowcost third party box like this company makes. (yeah, I know, not so low cost as an arduino or direct //-port interaction...don't blame the messenger, blame the ViralCrew)