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Can I spice hdmi cabes together to run 2 devises throught 1 monitor? Answered

Hi, I have both my xbox and raspbeerry pi runnning through the same monitor. I am sick of swapping cables everytime I want to change devise. Anyway can I connect another HDMI cabe to build a Y lead so that I can connect both devises to a monitor (only 1 devise will be powerd on at a time). Will this be likley to damage either devise?



No I think that allows you to use two outputs on one input, ie multiple screens.

What you need/want is an HDMI switch. You can get a 2 input 1 output switch with an IR remote for $15-40. Google "HDMI 2 input switch" or "HDMI 2 input switch with remote" to find one in your area.



HDMI is not 'y' compatible in spec. The devices won't even work with HDCP encrpytion because both devices have to share the data lines and each has a unique id = each has a unique decryption key.

Need a proper hdmi splitter to split, and a proper switchbox to select individual inputs.