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Can I store ginger beer in screw-top metal flasks? Answered

I used to make ginger beer as a kid in England when there was ample access to screw-top soft drink bottles, but now they are like hen's teeth. I have been saving these sturdy, metal (aluminium, I believe) screw-top flasks which seem to be lined with some plastic material.

So, can I ferment my ginger beer in these flasks, as opposed to the always stipulated "glass screw tops"? I am sure they are strong enough to withstand the pressure buildup.



6 years ago

As a dry ice fan, I say NO! This type of aluminum seal just leaks. So much in fact, it will leak before the can becomes a uniform cylinder...... Well, that's what I heard.... leaks! lol

I wonder if there is a way to test the robustness of these flasks before I ferment my ginger beer. Maybe putting some warm water and baking soda in 'em or sump'n?

Be careful. The pressure produced by yeast can be pretty powerful. (assuming you are using yeast.). I made ginger ale last year in 2 liter bottles and still needed to burp them once a day to keep the bottles from exploding.

You might try plastic soda bottles with screw on tops For the first attempt. Shrapnel from the plastic bottle will be much easier to manage than the metal.

All that said, please followup with the results and recipe you used. In the states, the only ginger beer I've heard of was from terry pratchett.

As long as they have gas-tight seals, I would suppose so. If they're not, you're going to lose all the bubbly even in a fridge....