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Can I stuff a Bluetooth Headset into a Clamshell Phone? Answered

Posted about something like this about a month ago, and after some searching, I found something like this, (dinodirect.com/headset-tablet-pc-companion-bluetooth-dialer-phone.html), (news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20073460-1/bluetooth-headset-pretends-to-be-mini-phone/).  It more than meets needs, but I was wondering on the feasibility of a DIY build that can pick up and end phone calls, and stuffing it into a clamshell phone case, assuming I could find/fab up an empty shell. Would it be my best bet to disassemble an earpiece, or try and recreate with an arduino variant, or some other third option?

To be perfectly honest, I was looking for something to bulk reproduce and sell locally, maybe try a kickstarter or kitbash, or post an instructable for that matter, but anything in the right direction would help. 



Best Answer 6 years ago

I'm sure it could be done... however, you may have noticed that CNET says they sell these units for $20... Once they get into the North American market (and not just sold in China), they'll take up the sales. I'm only guessing that you'd be unable to make (and therefore sell them) for less than $20; so it doesn't really make sense to try and compete with them (especially when they can offer warranty etc). But that's just my opinion (you don't have to agree with me). ;-)


Answer 6 years ago

Thanks. I'm guessing since the post is 6 months old, it's not going to make the jump, but I'll keep my eyes open either way. :)