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Can I take 20+, 12V DC Pre Wired 5mm LED Lamp's, put them in my garden lights and use a 12v car battery to power them? Answered

I have a question, can I take 12V DC white Pre Wired 5mm LED Lamp and put them in my garden light housings, and run 20 of them in a row using the same wiring I have in the ground already? (the low voltage system uses 20, 4 watt bulbs rite now,) I would like to remove the transformer and run the LED's using my battery back ( 10, trojan T-105's, 12v setup) I have for my solar panel system. Thanks.


whoa there ... yes you can but... a 12 volt car battery can aoutput alot of amps compared to what LEDs require. You will definately have to consider the circuit design or all your LEDs will go poof...

if the leds have a resistor inside that enables them to run on 12 V then you can

there is way to make the battery last way longer by rewiring the leds to be in series. use this link to find out how to connect the leds and what resistors you need. then wire the system such that each series link goes thru several lamps (and the resistor is in one of them). you may have to add 3rd wire along some of the path or use a nearby pipe etc as 3rd conductor

check out my project which is very similar to what you are doing