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Can I transmit video from one mobile phone to another via Bluetooth connection? Answered

Because I have 20 or so old mobile phones that are perfectly functional, though very outdated, I want to use them for something. I previously had an idea to extend the phone's camera wires so I could use it for a remote camera on a tether, but found no real way of doing such because they all use ribbon cables. Also, I was told voltage drop would cause it to malfunction.

Now, my newer idea, for example, would be to mount a camera phone (we'll call it phone 1) to the rear window of my car and transmit the video via bluetooth to a phone mounted to my dash (and he will be phone 2) and allow the two phones to act as a rear mounted camera system. So basically phone 1 at the rear of the car would bluetooth transmit his video feed to the dash mounted phone 2 where I could  just have to glance down in order to see better behind me. This video, plus mirrors should make it pretty easy to know what/who awaits my rear-ward travelling destruction! The phone I carry everyday is an Android phone, so maybe there is an application available for download to allow another phone to connect to it in this way? I have had no luck with searching for one, but I'm not sure if anyone else here happens to know of one. I don't need to record the video, I just want to view the video from another phone in real time. Also, I am aware backup cameras can be had for next to nothing, but I want to try and find a use for some of the old mobile phones I have. I prefer to recycle them for a cool project like this if possible.

Thanks for reading!


alfreed its an android app

Thanks! Exactly what Im looking for!

Have you got any further with this?


It all depends what bluetooth version you have on your phones and what is in the bluetooth protocol stack for the devices you have.

Video Streaming is not currently even listed as a use for bluetooth, although googling 'bluetooth video camera' lists a bunch of stuff including the Looxcie cameras ... http://www.firebox.com/product/3915/Looxcie-II?aff=1108&gclid=CNH8numE0K4CFcIntAodfjMpAQ - apparently from reviews real time video from these will not be too good ... the contour cam uses bluetooth to enable a smartphone to become a viewfinder to make sure you're pointed in the right direction , but video storage takes place oncam ... I guess bluetooth isnt yet up to providing high quality video at a decent frame rate.

I doubt that most (any?) phones have the code needed to do this.

Actually, after hours of searching the Android market with every keyword I could imagine, I have finally found an application that supposedly allows other Android phone with the application to be used in the way I am describing. It supposedly allows one phone to act as a remote for the other phone's camera via bluetooth. I haven't had the chance to get hold of another Android device yet since my old phone collection only includes pre-Anrdroid phones, but I know where to find a few for test purposes. Then I'll have to go buy one just to have. I'll never get rid of these old phones! :(

I'll give an update when I find something out later today. :D

Using the Android applicaiton called 'Camera Remote' by 'BusyWWW' I have linked the two phones together using one to view the other's camera. It has a fairly slow framerate, and didn't seem to work great. I only had a few minutes to toy around with it though, so maybe if I actually obtain another andriod device of my own I can figure out how to make it faster.

Well, back to the drawing board.