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Can I turn a laptop LCD into a VGA monitor? Answered

My old Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop's monitor stopped working. I figured out that it's not the LCD itself, it's the connector on the motherboard of the laptop. So I took the LCD off and kept the bottom half to hook into a VGA monitor and use like a regular computer. BUT: I got to thinking- could I somehow convert the LCD to have a VGA hookup and then just plug it into the VGA port on the laptop somehow or would it be so expensive and complex that it isn't worth it?


In most cases it would be so expensive and complex, in a very simple term a laptop lcd uses a different format to a regular VGA lcds which have a form of controller board, laptops have this built into the motherboard so in most cases the LCD is useless with the laptop.

You can buy controllers however they are expensive and the overall cost would be that of a ready made LCD with VGA input.

Aww man. I hate to have a useless LCD laying around. Oh well. Thanks for answering my question!

i took the lcd screen out of my old laptop, which stopped working and i want to add it into my car, can anyone help me out?

I know its a bit late in replying, but I found a relatively inexpensive VGA Controller Board work for LCD Panel DIY LCD monitor on ebay for $25.00 AND free shipping from China. The only info you need is the brand (ie. Philips LG) and the part # (ie. LP154W01). Im using it to place in a XBox 360 laptop im making. My lcd monitor came out of an old Dell inspiron i gutted.

hi everyone i though i would drop a line hear since im close to graduation for my electronics engineering degree i am currently taking a final project capstone class ware i am to utilize all the training and knowledge i have learned to design and build a working prototype of some kind of electronics project
So even thought every one says its way to expensive and to complicated and hard i of coarse wanting to challenge myself so since i had a couple laptop lcd screens laying around that i had been wanting to use in my car as a computer monitor or elven better as a HDTV. so i jumped right in head first .. and after 6 months of research i have some promising progress with the design and building of my interface , but at this point it is only to use as an external monitor or second vga display and once i have that working properly i will then work on the tv interface
so if you still have that old lcd still . i would love to get my hands on it to do some more designing with
also my current design it to design and build my first lcd interface to do all of the video (VGA) signals which is an analog DC-signal and convert that into the digital signals that the laptop lcd excepts as its inputs to the correct data bits which the screen im currently using requires a 6-bit digital input from Bit-D0 to Bit-D5 but my design is including chips to do the conversion for up to an 8-bit conversion and then once i develop and print my circuit board i am designing the circuit board layout to include small breadboard terminals on each side similar to the plugs that are on the old style hard drive cables in a older desk top pc , and one will have all the leads needed for the video in its digital stat connected to it and then another one that will be connected to the pure RGB analog video signals and all other terminals needed in case i find any older style lcd screens like the lcd's in a digital picture frame or in the flip down tv screens you get for your car which eventually are digital but they only need the red, gree, and blue color signals sent to them so even though the vga port is an analog signal it is eventually the same as the 3-3it digital signal only with some time deferential and pulse modulations and some roll of which can be controlled with some simple Boolean logic gates you can get at any radio-shack so basically my main idea will be that i will have a fully functional prototyping interface with terminals so that once i get the data sheet for any screen i can then just solder wires to its connector and then breadboard it into this interface board to do functional testing and design development with and once i get each interface to function the way i want to i will then be able to burn and build individual boards for any lcd screen regardless of make model or style and im also trying to include a really nice CMOS digital video chip incorporated into my design which will allow me to also interface a cable-antenna screw port as well as s-video and rea inputs and outputs as well as a HDMI port to make the development board more functional in future designing due to the fact that it requires lots of digital coding and programming to get this chip up and running but eventually i will but for know it will just be tied into the design of the development board so that when im ready to program it it will already be ready the only problem is that that chip is going to take a 7 to 12 week lead time before its shipped and then i have to develop its pcb because its a small surface mount quad flat pack with a 100 terminal pin arrangement off a .05mm pitch so that's going to take some worke its self just to get it mounted for development
well sorry to talk your head off and run but gata get some work done
If you or any one else happen to have any questions feel to email me especially if any one happens to have any extra old laptop parts laying around they would like to donate for my research it would be greatly appreciated you can contact me at jasonangel29@aol.com

i can add a pic or two latter but eventually once i have it up and running im going to develop my own instructable showing some of what i have done or even a searies of them showing the development of this project just to show that it can be done as well as with some other projects i am planning for the future

If you are of the tinkering type, as I assume pretty much all of us are here, I would recommend looking into the link below for a driver/power kit, direct from japan...


It translates from japanese to english, and is close enough to get the idea of what is going on. I'd love to hear your results!