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Can I turn off Yahoo Messenger ? Answered

Long ago I used Yahoo Messenger and now nothing but crap pops up on my screen constantly.  How do I turn it off? PLEASE & Thank You


Click on Messenger, then preferences and uncheck the option to automatically log in. That will stop it from starting up unless you initiate it.

If you want to uninstall it, go to your start menu (on a PC) and find add/remove programs. Click on yahoo messenger from the list and click remove.

Its not a program on my computer. Its only when I'm checking my mail. I CANNOT FIND ANY OPTION FOR MESSENGER. Where may this "Messenger" be? Thanks sooooooooooooooo much!

Ah... the online version... You're in trouble now (just kidding).

Go to Yahoo! Mail. Click on the top left where is says "Hi" followed by your Yahoo! ID and then select "Sign out of Messenger". It should keep you signed out even if you exit from Yahoo! Mail. (If you by chance want to turn it back on, click the same process but select "sign in" as the option). :-)

Your not still mad about the fig leaf crack are you? You instructions could not be any more clear.......It is not there. Ive gone through my preferences. Its been this way for years.

..........and why do all these people I don't know hit me up?

I get them all the time too.... That you CAN'T stop unfortunately. All you can do is block anyone new.

Thanks for all your leg work on this. Do not think it is not appreciated :)

No problem. I'm glad you got (or are getting) the problem solved. :)

Yahoo Mail integrated Messenger on my account a couple of hours ago. I can't turn the fricken thing off. For some reason the last couple of months, Yahoo Mail hasn't auto-refreshed so I have to do it manually on my browser. So every time I see I have an email, I have to hit the refresh button. And with that, I have to sign out or make myself invisible to Messenger. This is fricken BS.


5 years ago

Thanks Vyger. This is not my computer, it only happens here, and this is where my spam was coming from......... Talk about damaged goods! thanks again


5 years ago

You may have something else that has gotten into things. I know someone who has gotten major virus infections through Yahoo. I would do a scan with Malwarebytes -- its a free program.

After you have run those scans, if stuff is still coming up then turn off the yahoo stuff in the browser.  In IE you go to "manage add- on's" which is in the tools menu and turn off or disable everything for Yahoo including any tool bars.

Keep in mind that these companies are getting revenue from you viewing adds even if you don't want to see them. So if they make their software aggressive and intrusive so it pops up and demands your attention they get paid for that. They don't want you to turn stuff off, its kind of like the networks turning up the volume on commercials, which they say they don't do but has been shown does happen. They are trying to steal your time by forcing you to view stuff that they get paid for showing you. As long as people keep using the software instead of just leaving it they will continue to do it.