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Can I use 6 wires for Cat5? Answered

I have a phone wire to my shop (3 pair) 330' from the house. I want to put a router in the house and add my computer on line in the shop. Can this be done using a three pair wire?


.  According to Wikipedia:
"10BASE-TX and 100BASE-TX Ethernet connections require two cable pairs. 1000BASE-TX Ethernet connections require four cable pairs."
.  Ie, should work with most routers/NICs - they should automatically set themselves to 10/100.
.  IIRC, the twist on telephone cable is not as great as for E'net. This may be a problem with such a long run (maximum allowable). If you already have the cable, try it and see. Worst that will happen is you will waste two connectors and a few inches of cable.
.  I would suggest not using the 3rd pair, especially for a telephone line.

Agreed 100% with nacho - it is near the edge of spec - way outside of the realm for non-twisted wire - but its worth a shot.  If you have a quality router/switch at both ends it might have a good connection.

Another option if it doesn't work is set up a wifi-cantenna at both ends to make a repeater link.  You can shoot wireless directionally a VERY long distance.