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Can I use Vinegar to preserve a pig's heart in a Jar ? Answered

I have a project and need to keep a pig's heart in a jar for a couple of months, I don't want use Formaldehyde. Would vinegar work ? 



4 years ago

Your best bet short of formaldehyde is to use denatured alcohol. You can get it at most hardware and paint stores.

My son has kept a two-headed gopher snake in denatured alcohol for nearly 15 years and it is still a perfect specimen.

Denatured Alcohol is that like Methanol 99% alcohol.

The recipe varies somewhat by manufacturer, but in general it is a mixture of 90% ethanol, about 10% methanol and occasionally a couple of other ingredients called for by the manufacturer. Alcohol concentration is 98% to 99%.

They add something called "Bitterex" too IIRC

Yeah, a bitterant is one of those "other ingredients" I was referring to. If memory serves, I believe a blue or purple dye is also required in the UK.

And we call it methylated spirits! Smells devine - But that may just be a personal thing!!

That's right, its generally purple. Heating kerosene is dyed blue.

That's right, its generally purple. Heating kerosene is dyed blue.

That will kill the bacteria responsible for decomposition, did it bleach the specimen any?

The darker bands and the black scales have grayed some over the years but I would guess that is partly due to to UV exposure. Its in a glass jar, that to the best of my knowledge, has never been stored in a dark enclosure.

Vodka would be better.

With vinegar you would pickle the heart and that is vinegar salt water cook and seal in a jar.

With vodka just place in a jar.