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Can I use a 3.5" hardrive enclosure for 2.5" harddisks (SATA)? Answered

Will it damage my harddrive if I use a 3.5" hardrive enclosure for 2.5" harddisks (SATA)? The connectors are the same...


. If the enclosure is designed for SATA drives, your only problem is physically mounting the drive. You should be able to easily buy/build mounting adapters.

When I said "the connectors are the same" I meant that physically mounting the drive is possible.... But...with the older IDE 2.5" harddrives I never had to connect any power supply....if I connect both SATA connectors will it get "to much power" and will kinda burn up? The enclosure is meant for 3.5" harddisks that need more power...

. As long as the voltage is correct, the drive will only pull as much power as it needs. If you connect a 5 W load to a 50 W PS, the PS will only put out 5 W. . But I'm not real sure what you mean by "if I connect both SATA connectors." . It might help to have more info on the enclosure and drive. Links?