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Can I use a 3G USB Modem in a Android Tablet? Answered

I've plans for buying an Android Tablet but I don't have wireless connection in my home


It's very unlikely but there is a workable alternative. Buy a MiFi (naff name I know) which is a wireless access point combined with a 3G modem.

I have a Huawei E585 (cost £50 from 3 in UK) which I can use with my phone, my two tablets, my children's iPods and my laptop. It's super easy to connect and I have been extremely pleased with mine. I have had 2 3G modems and I didn't really like either but the E585 is really good and wasn't expensive.

Only if the tablet is designed to work with one -- it needs to have USB ports, and the appropriate network drivers have to be available.. Ask the manufacturers which, if any, of these will play nicely together.