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Can I use a 7mm socket instead of a 1/4 inch socket? Answered

Is 7mm close enough to 1/4 to work correctly?



Best Answer 8 years ago

You can use oversize sockets with an insert, that is cut a strip of steel from a can & fold it to the 1/4" size, insert into socket. If you've got a lot of torque to pull on it I wouldn't advise it, light loading is fine. L

Thanks everyone!

In an emergency I've used a file to reduce the nut to 6mm or whatever socket I had.

The other comments cover it really, but I guess if you just asked around at different stores they might sell in inches.

To really do that, you'd need a 6.35 mm socket. So, if your nut is already worn down, a 6mm would work. With a 7mm, you're likely to chip or wear down the corners of the nut, because it will be too loose a fit.

Try it. If it fits, and fits tightly enough, it will work. If it's too loose, you risk rounding off the corners of the nut or bolt-head or whatever.

All depends on the nut. sometimes they're worn enough, sometimes they're not.