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Can I use a AC switch in my DC project? Answered

I'm trying to install LED lights in and around my car. Can I use a AC switch in a DC circuit/system? The AC switch is rated as 10A 125V AC / 8A 125V / 4A 250V AC / 1/3 HP 125V AC. I plan on putting the switch between the 12v DC car battery and the 12v DC to 5v 5a DC regulator (which then powers the microcontroller and LEDs). Is this doable and safe?


Calculate the wattage. So a switch rated for 125V @ 10A it can handle over 1200 watts. As long as your DC circuit isn't using more wattage than that you'll be fine.

Outstanding! The wattage shouldn't top 50 watts (5V 10A) for the initial phase of the project. Thanks.

Is this the case with any basic AC stuff (not converters, regulators, etc.) one would want to use in a DC project (i.e., the wattage factor)?

A switch is neither AC or DC but can handle both. What kind of 'AC Stuff' are you talking about?