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Can I use a CMOS part of optical mouse to control my PC? Answered

Hi guys, I want to know if is possible to use a CMOS (part of optical mouse) to make a multi touch screen or similar DIY device to control the pc. The CMOS can be like a IR sensor over my PC monitor.



I have recently come across the same idea as you have here. Although mine was a little different my idea was to mount two rows of red LEDs on two sides of the screen( X and Y axis). Then two sensors from an optical mice would be mounted at the midpoint on the LED strip. Where it can only see right above the screen in front of it. When one places their finger on the screen the red light is reflected to the sensor. When one drags their finger the sensors pick up the movement and can read the X&Y axis movement.
This was my idea if anyone likes my idea or has improvements for it please feel free to let me know.


8 years ago

No, they work on totally different principles.  The optical mouse works by taking a series of "pictures" of the table surface and comparing each picture to the last, to generate X,Y data.  It won't work over a large surface like a computer monitor.

Also, you're not using the acronym "CMOS" properly.  CMOS refers to the technology used to make the various integrated circuits (ICs) inside the mouse (and other devices).  Just so you know.  :)