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Can I use a European appliance in the U.S.? Exercise vibration platform--specifications below: Answered

It seems to have some flexibility--will this help? Input power 100-240 volts, ac 50--60 hz; Supply output voltage 15volts; DC power consumption < 7.5 watts. Would a transformer make it work? Thanks for your input!


we have 120 V AC main so no transformer needed. it looks like it can take it. and anyways don't Europeans run on 220 V AC ? but yeah like Scromple said it will work just fine without a transformer, no adjustments needed unless the plugs don't fit into the socket. then just buy a plug adapter not a transformer.

In Europe We are now all nominally on a 230 V supply +10% -6% covers the national variations,

You should be able to no worries at all, it's nomally a matter of finding the right plug pack... I am in Australia and am always swapping around AC/DC transformers for various bits of equipment. The info above to me looks like it is off the plug pack. That is, it's the input voltage to an AC/DC transformer and its output voltage to the appliance. As far as I am aware the US has 110 volt mains power which means the transformer you have should work fine. If you are worried about using a power supply from another country, the appliance itself should have the volts and amps it needs to run. Write that information down and go see your electronics store for a plug pack that matches. An educated guess would be that the appliance itself needs 15volts DC to run. You only need to find the amps to get the right plug pack from an electronics store.