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Can I use a USB webcam for a diy Video Transmitter? Answered

Hi guys,I am making a video transmitter from scratch. The schematic I am using says "NTSC input". What connection would that be? I was hoping I could use a USB web cam for the camera. But I do not know where the pins would connect on the USB port... I wonder if I need to use my digital camera, with the video cord connected to a jack on the board. Thanks in advance, for any help.?



Best Answer 8 years ago

no. ntsc input refers to a video standard, while usb refers to a data transfer standard.

you can use the video camera, as long as it outputs to an RCA signal, (or whatever the video tx box uses.)

the usb camera wont work if you are connecting the usb cable... there is a relatively small possibility that the camera outputs video data to a usb chip, but it is unlikely, and if it was, would require a fair amount of hacking to make work.

ZEROGX has said it right, but can you post / link to the schematic?


what does the arrow pointing to the varible resistor mean? where do you connect the ntsc ground to?

That looks more like an RF amplifier. If this is the case, it will require an already modulated source, like the coax output of a VCR or the RF modulator of a video game system.

If your PC has TV-out, you could use your USB camera with something like Media Player Classic (in full-screen mode) and output the computer's video to your circuit through an RF modulator. It's kind of a power-hungry way to do it, though (unless the computer is already running for other tasks, such as for a file/print server).

That's a clear schematic, you're making a wireless receiver & transmitter. While I don't think you can feed USB into the transmitter directly, there will be a way - have a look for DIY Wi-Fi projects perhaps?


Does this schematic work with plain rca or coaxial?