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Can I use a brushed DC motor directly without a speed controller? Answered

The hobby shop people convinced me that there was no way to hook up a regular motor to my receiver without a ESC.  Even if the motor is all-on or all-off, I don't care.  I just want to be able to control it without a speed control.  Please help me!! I have faith in you people!!  Thanks in advance.


Here is a diagram of the microswitch setup rickharris mentioned.  Take a look at the MAG Speed control midway down the page.  All you need is a servo and you are good to go.

You need some kind of power-handling device to run the motor.
What output do you get from the receiver (see rick') that you want to use for this motor?


Your RC receiver outputs a pulse of varying width (assuming not a digital receiver) this pulse is converted by a servo into a position. Where you may have a digital channel controlled by a switch the pulse is then either Max or Minimum - but still a variable with pulse.. You could however, attach a servo to operate a micro switch at each end of travel and so control your motor on and off. but you still need the servo to translate the received pulse into action. With a little research into switching you can also get the motor to go back and forwards using 2 micro switches and an H bridge type of set up. Google Hbridge.


8 years ago

to an rc reciever? yes and no. yes, you can hook it up without an ESC, but it requires a pwm controlled relay or similar device. so, you still have to hook it up to something in addition to the reciever.