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Can I use a computer power supply for something other than a PC? Answered

So here's the thing. My wife got these really cool gaming chairs at the thrift store. The problem is no power supply. According to the owners manual I found online the original power transformer was rated at 12v 2.5A DC. A transformer at radio shack that would meet this for one chair is something like 30 or 40 dollars each I don't remember exactly. I don't want to build one, I want something ready made. Is there any reason I couldn't use a cheap computer power supply. For around 30 dollars I can get a 300 watt supply which is more than enough for both of my chairs. Their combined amperage draw in parallel is 5A, so 60 watts. Other than having to make up  connectors is there any reason I shouldn't use a PC power supply?


Go for it. It's a little much but it will work. Have you tried looking online for a couple of 12V 2.5A or greater wall warts. Shouldn't be hard to find a couple for about $20.

Thanks for the answers. I did see lots of suitable power supplies like the laptop ones. However like many Americans I am an instant gratification kind of guy. I would rather spend a little more for cash and carry. Also I plan on building a box because I also have to supply audio RCA jacks for both chairs. I though it would be nice to build it in one package.

have you tried amazon? i found a couple for $10 bucks.