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Can I use a digital camera to capture still images from a video source ? Answered

Can a digital camera be used to capture still images from any video source since most cameras have an AV output in place.


I have had good results just hitting the PAUSE button on my DVR. then just use the camera to photograph the tv screen directly.  If you dont have DVR, then, just record what you want to photograph using a VCR or a DVD recorder... then you can pause it to take your photograph. 

Sure.  Just get the image on the screen that you want to capture and then use the camera to photograph the screen.

Use a tripod and focus carefully.

The AV output is exactly that - an output.  It's not an input.

If you're trying to get images off a TV just for example, you'll need a computer and something like this.

 Actually, that device is to use a TV in place of a monitor. The only output any TV has aside from audio is the picture that is on the screen.

Crap.  That's not what I meant to post and now I can't find what it was that I wanted to.  Bah!

8 years ago

 If you want to use the AV out as your source you're going to have to sample the video. Many video cards and more & more laptops have this as a feature. If it's a digital video camera, just transfer the movie to your PC with your data cable. Once you get the video onto your PC, use windows movie maker (or the Mac equivalent if that's what you have) to grab the individual frames you want.
You could also take pictures of the TV screen, but that's not going to give you the greatest quality. While the scan rate of the screen is faster than the human eye can detect, a camera is plenty fast enough to catch it.

There may be a digicam out there with a video input, but I've never seen one.  Now, there are some MiniDV or Digital8 camcorders with video inputs.  Those should work.

Alternatively, there are little boxes that capture video to SD cards; Sandisk sells some.  And, many TV tuner PCI cards or USB tuners have composite and S-video inputs.