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Can I use a smartphone without a sim card as an ipod touch? Answered

So I want to buy a smartphone (samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket or something) from ebay or craigslist and use it as a wifi only device. If I dont insert a sim card(I know I wont get service or data) can i skip the activation process and go right to the home screen? From there I would turn on wifi and essentially use it as an ipod touch, to download apps, music, videos, surf the web, and stuff. I have a normal phone for talk and text.

So my question really is, would this work? Does the phone need a sim card to run? How do you skip activation? Any other info would be helpful also, thanks!


I have been using a Galaxy Note as a wifi only device for over a year, it works very well, however, the device asked me to insert my SIM card to get the software upgrade, I don't know why. I am considering buying a Galaxy Note 2 but I heard it uses a mini SIM and I don't want to cut my SIM card, so I have the same question, can we still activate the phone without inserting the SIM card at all?

if it dosen't have the sim card it "is an iPod touch" tecknacly speaking


5 years ago

My son uses one of my old android phones without a sim card on wifi all the time. He uses it to play games and listens to music.

+1 to other answers; Android devices should (all?) work without sim/network affiliation. The google authentication for apps etc is based on your google account, not the sim card.

Even a phone for a carrier that doesnt use sim cards? like verizon?

especially those. If your phone just lost connection/fell off the face of the earth you'd be a little upset if it stopped working.

Or what if I take a htc evo 4g LTE with a bad ESN, will it still be able to acess wifi? How would i go about skipping the activation?

Lol, Im just worried about activating a phone for the first time, without a sim card. Can you skip the activation?

I would say they do, since their apps can still be used when you are out of signal coverage, and they usually have a wifi connectivity option. Plus, they remain usable in "aircraft mode".

Why not ask a friend with a smart phone to try - all they have to do is pop out the sim and try going online via their wifi.

Good Question!

I was just thinking about this sort of thing earlier today. How the phone makers are completely missing out on a market that only the iPod Touch fills. There are so many people out there that don't want to spend $300 or more on a smart phone then over $100 a month for the required data plan. They also don't have the money or want to carry around a tablet sized device. But still want a device like the iPod touch so they have access to smart phone like capabilities.