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Can I use a valve amp head with a transistor combo amp's speakers? Answered

I have a peavey special 212 which is probably about 16 years old now and has only been gigged 3 times. I can't think when it last got turned even half way up. I'd like a valve amp and was wondering if I could just get a low powered valve head and use it to drive the peavey's speakers bypassing its electronics. In effect just using the peavey as a speaker cabinet. Looking to save spending needlessly but keep my options open volume wise. Any suggestions much appreciated?


yes, IFF the amp requires an 8 ohm speaker and the (1) speaker is 8ohms, or the (2) speakers are 4ohm and wired in series, or the amp requires a 4ohm load and the (1) speaker is 4ohm or the (2) speakers are 8 ohm and wired in parallel.

IFF = if and only if

You'd need to disconnect the speakers from their existing electronics. And they'd have to be the right impedance to match the amp you want to use. Outside of that, sure...

... though frankly, the better answer is a valve pre-amp/effect box to get the sound characteristics you want, and let the existing amp deal with providing volume.