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Can I use a vinyl cutter to make silk screens for printing? Answered

 Hi all,

I have a vinyl cutter and have been using this to make tee shirts for about six months now. I have recently been asked to make a couple of hundred tee shirts for a local charity so need to be able to make them as cheap and quickly as possible. I was therefore wondering if I cut use my vinyl cutter to cut a 'stencil' for blocking out a screen for screen printing. The design includes some very straight lines and some small detail as well as some text. 

My idea is to cut out my design as a negative and somehow stick that to the inside of the screen as the blocker? Or would I need to use it to 'block' my blocker?

Has anyone successfully used a vinyl cutter for this purpose?

Thanks in advance.



Here's how one person made it work:


The image in the Instructable doesn't have a lot of fine detail, though. My guess is that with a more detailed image, you might be better off using the vinyl to apply a regular screen block. One way you might split the difference is to make a stencil out of opaque vinyl, then use the stencil with a photoresist emulsion to produce the final screen.

That's a good idea, because you can print bigger on vinyl than most conventional printers


Yeah, I've done a fair amount of T-shirts, and I always hate it when I have to scale down designs to fit the printer. I would love to have access to a vinyl cutter for this type of thing.

yes i do this alot. I cut the image out mirrored on the sticky vinyl and stick to the back of the silk screen. Then when done just peel it off and wash the screen. Saves having to reclaim the screen with them nasty chemicals if using the uv sensitive stuff. Just gotta be careful when applying it like with any vinyl sticker.
Late reply i know and i can see theres some instructables on it but thought id put an answer in any way!!