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Can I use a wired keyboard with a ipad without the adapter block? Answered

I have seen videos on youtube of people using a ipad with a wired keyboard but they all use a adapter block. Could I use a female to female connector instead of the adapter block and the orignal usb cable would it stiill work. If anyone has a Ipad and a female to female connector can you try it for me?


I'm guessing it won't work like that. The iPad wasn't designed for using a wired keyboard, but, as you said, some people have gotten around this...

Since I can't test this for you, the next best thing may be to read this thread. The OP posted a similar question, and within the replies, it explains what you need to use, the error messages you'll get and how it'll still work anyways, so give it a read. ;-)

Let me know what happens.