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Can I use an IR receiver for a low voltage application (1 1/2 - 4 volts) - (1- 2 amps)? Answered

I found one with the proper voltage but is .6 mAmps


You need to be more specific ! What are you trying to do, and what are you trying to do it with

Home project: I am looking for a low voltage IR RECEIVER (1 1/2 V) to complete a circuit for a 1 1/2 Volt battery.  Where can I find this?

The way these things work is with a modulated IR beam, triggering a circuit based on an IR receiver, and then some decoding electronics

This https://www.instructables.com/id/Universal-IR-Remote-Power-Switch-for-PC/ shows a typical piece of kit that switches a PC on and off. To switch a LOAD like 1.5Amps, you'll need a relay.


 No ir resistor or transistor that I know will handle 1-2 amps.  And what type of a battery are you using that will supply 1-2 amps at 1.5 v, at least for more than a few seconds? 

You didn't answer steveastrouk on what you want to do with it.  If it is to detect IR from a tv controller, an ir photoresistor, a LED, and the 1.5 v battery might work.  Search "ir detector" on Instructables.

One would use an IR receiver like an IR phototransistor  to trip a relay for this type of application.