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Can I use an Xbox Play and Charge kit to connect my wireless controller to my computer and play bioshock with it? Answered


you cannot use a play and charge kit to play with a wireless controller, you must buy a wireless receiver. you can use a wired controller though

It is a conundrum. I tried to do the same thing, and my computer recognized it, even auto-found an installer for it. However, after the install is complete, I can't do anything with the controller. If you have the money, you can either buy a xbox controller made for the PC, which comes with an install disc but can only be used with licensed games, or buy a wireless reciever for your wireless one, which I'm not sure if you can us that for ROMS. if you find a way to use the charge and play cord, please inform me somehow, and I will continue searching and tell you if I find a way

I HAVE TRIED! Not to sound rude, but it's p*****g me off! I've done everything! I DL'd the drivers and everything! BLARG!

It runs off of usb, right?

Try it and find out.  It can't hurt to plug it in.  For instance, I got the bright idea to plug my rock band drums into my laptop.  They worked, and I was able to play pokemon ROMS by pounding on the pads.  Win for all.

I doubt it though, considering it attaches to the charger... which mean there is no connectivity to the controls.