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Can I use are DC Flyback Transformer for tesla coil? Answered

Can I use are DC Flyback Transformer for tesla coil?
Just like a ZVS Flyback Driver
If can please post the image.
If not please explain



5 years ago

Not very well, the iron in a fly back cannot do the RFrequencies that
air core Tesla coils are able to resonate upon.

RF has a propensity called skin affect which simply means the
dangerous current flows over the surface of your skin or over protective
wire mesh and NOT THROUGH IT..
As a high audio frequency and DC would cook  your organs.

An iron core or magneto ceramic core cannot oscillate at Tesla frequencies
because of the time it takes to magnetize the core and demagnetize it
then reverse direction and continually.. 
The description of this oscillation is known as the B/H magnetization curve
for transformers and can let you predict the inductive heating a mot will
be subjected to before you build it..


I thought he was only using it as excitation for his Tesla

Ha ha..

Like EX president Clinton arguing the word to in court..

I mistook the word for as the possessive in place of Tesla coil.

Still true skin comment though  :-)

Do a search. This question is asked quite often.