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Can I use cat5 wire to extend the length of solar cells/battery packs for my deck lights? Answered

I have four sets of solar deck lights on back porch but can't get good sun. The solar cell/ battery pack has 3 rechargeable 1.5 AA batteries and I'm pretty sure it connects to the light string with 24 or 22 gauge braided wire. Can I use cat5 22 gauge solid copper to extend the panels about 75 feet for full sun? I have tons of cat5 and cat3 wire available as well as gel insulated 3m scotchlocks to splice the wires. And if possible, can I run all four cells off 1 cat5 run (noting the cat5 has 4 pair wiring, a pair for each light string).



6 years ago

Yes they are small copper wires you should parallel 4x4 for long runs.


At 75 feet, won't they lose some of the charge over that distance? (Just wondering)...

No very little, but it is always a good habit to use as big a wire as available.

Long Wire loss is a function of current running and wire resistance.
The loss is in the form of heat in a DC application..

Charging AA cells falls under the jurisdiction of Flea Power from a solar cell.


Thanks. That's good to know. I have some solar lights also, and had thought "it would be nice to move the solar panels but leave the lights where they are"... now I know I can! ;-)

And here I thought Flea Power was the guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. ;-)

Shouldn't be a problem.