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Can I use existing phone lines to run internet in another room of my house? Answered

Is it possible to somehow backfeed my cable modem ethernet into my existing phone lines running throughout my house to be able to access the internet from another room? I currently have no Phone service provider as i use a cell phone instead. My house was built circa. 1975 and my ISP  is <brighthouse networks>. I have a desktop with no wireless capabilities. My only option would be to crawl in my HOTT Florida attic and run 150+ feet of CAT-5... Any advice would be appreciated! Many Thanx, JCB


It would be worth a try.  I used my phone lines for a ham antenna a long time ago and it worked great.

You need a min of 2 pairs of wires.  A transmit plus and minus and a receive plus and minus.  That's not true spec. but it might work.  Check this link for more info.

If you have to lay the new CAT5 cable do it very early in the morning before it has had time to heat up, then cool off with a liquid breakfast of your choice.

Quickest (and coolest) way is wireless router and USB wireless dongle. Try Staples, Office Max or maybe Newegg.com.


One thing to think about.
Your Phone cables may be looped from jack to jack, unless everything was home run. Back in 1975, most house phone cabling was looped to save money.
Just remember that if anyone plugs anything into a jack, it may fry or damage your ethernet port.

It would be best to go wireless or cheaper to just run a cat5 cable.

Anything is possible here, but is it actually quicker, cheaper or easier than wirelessing the things?
(No I think)