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Can I use instructables as a referee Answered

This might seem like a very strange question. 

I am looking to apply for a bursary from The Worshipful Company Of Turners.
They require two referees who are happy to stand by my skills and character. 

I have already asked the chairman of my local wood turning club who I think would be a great traditional reference for me. But I think instructables would be an awesome reference to show a wider reaching impact than most people could think of. (Hopefully this could give me a bit of an advantage over people who might pick only people who happen to be within a relatively small proximity). 

I hope that my engagement within the instructables community will leave you feeling very positive about backing me up for this application.  
I would require a name address and post code in order to use instructables within this application and would really love to be able to do this. 

Kind regards,

Philip Bradley / AKA World of Woodcraft

PS for more information regarding the bursary here is a URL  http://turnersco.com/turning/bursary-awards/


I think you might have to email service@instructables.com directly to see if the Great Robot will grant you a letter of reference to support your application. Good luck.

... or, if there is a particular member of staff you have had a lot of dealings with, contact them directly by PM.


To whom it may concern,

I attest that Kiteman is a character... The best.

Although, the site is probably more use as a portfolio of your works, rather than a reference (several members have used their published works to get jobs or university entry).

Thanks for the fab advice. I will send an email soon.

I have seen a few great tails of how instructables has changed peoples lives for the better. It really is a fab website and has a great community. I'm sure everyone involved with it must feel a great seance of achievement.

I would think that directing them to your "instructables you" page would also go a long way to helping you with your application. Smart employers are now looking at what you can do, Not what you say you can do in an interview.