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Can I use membrane keyboard by directly touching on the membrane layer? Answered

What happens if I press on the membrane layer directly with my figners? Will I get shock or something funny happens? 


Actually you don't need membrane or wires/gloves. Keyboard has three layers the membrane is for coffee spills dust and also a soft gentle push of a button. the two bottom layers is where the magic happens. What you are thinking off is how a remote control and the buttons work. The last two layers are semi attached don't pull them apart it will tear the plastic and the circuit. and you could still spill coffee on it and get away with it.



Yep - you won't know what your going to get though - unless you have a VERY good memory (or touch type)

As an after thought you could do away with the rubber layer as well if you make up some conductive gloves!

Erm sorry, English is not my native language. What do you mean by that? It's a yes or no?

Yes - You could also remove the rubber cover and short across the terminals on the board with a short bit of wire or aluminium foil, say on the end of a glove.

It will work just fine and you won't feel anything.