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Can I use regular acrylic paint for linocut (instead of special lino paint/ink)? Answered

I'm working on a linocut project right now, and am having trouble finding (coloured) linocut paint/ink. I can' really order it online either, because I'm just about to move.

So would using regular acrylic paint alter (worsen) the result in any way?



Well, it'll alter the result in that you'll be creating the impression with acrylic paint. You may have trouble keeping it just on the surface of the cut. You may have trouble getting the paint to transfer evenly to whatever you're printing on. cleaning up.

Or you may not. I'd try it with a linoleum block you don't much care about first, and see whether you like the results. "If it happens, it must be possible."


8 years ago

 Ive used craft acrylics with both foam and rubber craft stamps with decent results, just be sure to clean the stamp regularly while using, if you do get some dried paint, rubbing alcohol will soften it

What are you printing on? That matters.


I'm printing on bristol cards, they're pretty smooth and shiny, but I'll use fixing spray to set the paint.

I'm not to sure about acrylic, I'm thinking of the right substance for the job. You have the option to just try it and see how it goes, but acrylic paint isn't the same as ink.


You'll have to hurry.  Acrylic dries pretty quickly unless you add and extender for acrylic paint.