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Can I use regular printer paper to transfer my design to my copper clad board? And if not, Why? Answered

Im making a printed circuit board for a 555 timer ic and im wondering if using regular printer paper for the toner transfer will make a difference in the quality of the board.


If you have old magazine laying around just rip out a piece (carefully) and use that.
The paper needs to be glossy so the toner won't adhere to it.
Iron it onto your board after you are finish and then soak it all in water to let the toner completely release from the paper.

I don't think you can do that with regular paper on a laser printer. The reason is that the toner is designed to stick solidly to the paper after the heat treatment. Think about it: if the toner didn't stick to the paper, then it would come off in your hands, or your file folder, or whatever.

I have seen people use plastic transparencies to do this.