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Can I use this motor for diy wind turbine project ? Answered


I have this motor: SHINAKO TOKKI X7807-201V Single Phase Motor 230V

same like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/381696549483?rmvSB=true

I am interested can I use for Wind Turbine ?

Thank you


No, you will need to spin it at 1500 rpm and that is way too fast. find yourself a tread mill motor like this.


You can find them at the dump and the will produce a voltage from 20rpm. a 1600-2000mm diameter wind turbine typically spins at around 300 rpm, and you will get around 20-30 volts at 10 amps or more. Perfect for charging a 12volt battery.

Ive built a few of them have a look at the video. He has made the blades but you can buy them from ebay also, which make the generator very efficient. To regulate the power you can use a regulator solar panels, make sure its rated at lest 50 amps though, A big treadmill motor in high winds will put out a lot of amps.


one thing more, besides Treadmill. from what other devices I can use Motor as DC generator ?

I meet i guy years ago who was making tiny wind turbine to charge phones, he was using motors out of video recorders and model airplane props. I dont know how well they worked.

Any brushed dc motor can be used as a generator is just the rpm you have to spin it to get a usable voltage is the issue. Look for motors with a high running voltage as they will give you more volts at a lower rpm when used as a generator

Hi Again, I don't like the look of any of those motors, they will have to spin at a high rpm. Have a look at this. Ive not used one but i think it would be a much better place to start. The higher voltage mean it will produce a usable voltage at a much lower rpm, and you will not have to use a gear box just attach a prop to the shaft.


it should be good, you and also use the rectifier to stop the current going back into the motor. Hook up the AC leads to the motor and the + - to your battery. I would expect it to produce a usable voltage at around 500 rpm, which is ok for a small set of blades.


10 months ago

That depends on how much voltage and power you need and the performance of your wind turbine..

Suffice it to say any inductance motor can become a generator with shaft drive and the proper AC capacitance...

Thank you for the reply.

It would be great if I could charge smartphones, laptops...

how hard is to convert this inductance motor can become a generator ?