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Can I wire RGB LED flex ribbon with cat5? Answered

I made 4 custom light boxes using rgb led flex ribbon, can I power and wire these using cat5 cable or is that too thin for 6 amp 12v power supply these things are going to?

the longest run from one box to the powersupply will be 20 feet


I too am interested in this concept, but only wish to use the cat5 to span a 1 - 2 metre distance between units. Is this possible?

any ideas anyone? what Im stuck on is can I pass enough electricity through 2 of the cat5 wires to power these things?

I don't know about this. I tried using phone cable (Cat3?) but it seems like the wires are too thin. Connected that way, I get no light at all. Connected directly, I'm getting some flickering like there's a weak connection. But I'm using a 12v 2a wall brick, so maybe not enough amps for the LED?

I work for LED-Tape.com and we have used cat5 to send 12v power down many times before and over 20 meters without any problems.

Use heavy audio-connectors and some mains cable rated for 10A (or 15A if you can't get 10).
6A is a lot of "juice" - you need a lot more metal in the cable.



2 years ago

guys i have the samething problem.. can anyone sent me pic how to add / making additional cat 5 on LED flex ribbon? on my problem is the flex is use for sending signal using Cat 5.

i work for www.chylighting.com,yes,you can use cat5 wires connect the light box,no problem,i can support 6 amp current.

I've seen this done too. Many contractors are doing it this way. You would be best off trying to use 24V LED strip as it uses less current than 12V. I've seen it done with 20 metres of 24V RGB total 144W or 6 amps and it worked fine. http://www.downlightsdirect.co.uk/led-strip.html

do you really have 6Amps worth of lights in each box? that would be 32' of RGB strip light per box and that would only be on the black wire (+) the other R, G, B, wires would only have 2amps on them

Ok these will be RGB Light boxes not permanent I wanted to use telephone wiring jacks to do quick connects and disconnects of the boxes off the wall if I should ever need to.......... guess I cant use telephone wire then either....... basically it has 3 wires for color and one wire for electric.... which go back to a controller box which is powered by a 6 am power supply....

 It's kind of hard to visualize your system but I would think you would try to build the power supply close to the actual RGB LEDs.  The controller circuit would just need to go on the long run from the LEDs to the control board and not passing power through that control cable.  6 amps is a lot of juice to be going through thin wires.

 Gut out the ends of a 20 foot extention cord.  Heavy duty ones should be good for at least 10-15 amps. Weave together another one along the run if you need more than 2-lines and ground wire.  By the way, is this a permanent fixed light thing or a portable display, otherwise, try a length of romex regular house wiring.